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By Dagmar
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May 15th, 2014

I have decided not to specify what salad this is because it does not really matter. We all have our food preferences, some like fish, others hate it, some like this dressing, others like other… I always keep throwing different things that I like or tolerate in the yellow bowl and enjoy the fresh goodness full of nutrients which are so needed in the modern processed society. Yes, we are being processed as the food we keep eating has been. This is making the country by country metabolically sick. People try to compensate for this by purchasing various food supplements, hoping that they will delete the damaging effect of processed food on their bodies. WRONG.

Therefore, I have decided to share this very simple, very variable and healthy sort of meal I have been eating several times per week recently, since I have cut down on bakery and other grain, potato or similarly carbohydrate rich meals, except of my beloved cheesy Nairns, which I love to eat with a fresh apple cut in four almost every morning.

The ingredients for A salad:

  • take any lettuce you like,
  • use any dressing you like,
  • add any source of proteins you like.

That’s it! Only three main ingredients in this simple meal. It is true that I had to use some oil to cook the meat (turkey breasts in this case) and I have used a mix of spices of Schwartz, I guess they were for cooking in a bag or some similar way, covered, in the oven. I simply sprinkled some on the meat in the pan just before the meat was done, so the spices added some flavor but did not get burn beyond being considered healthy. I used only little oil so they ended up stuck on the non-stick aged pan, which needs soaking for a while before being washed. Just saying :). And the result is here, low carbohydrate, rich in chlorophyll, B vitamins, magnesium and much much more.

 A salad made of fresh lettuce mix, garlic and herb dressing and spiced turkey breast slices.

Simple as that. Want some more ideas?

Well, you can use pretty much everything you like and what could go together. I sometimes add sliced black olives from brine, few capari, I sometimes make a French dressing at home from scratch, add another kind of mixed crispy salad, I used to add croutons… Very good are prawns, just thawed as I buy the pre-cooked and frozen. I used to add some avocado and cray-fish, but I got fed up with that, I do not want to smell the cray-fish for some time. I used to add some cucumber, pepper, cherry tomatoes (those aromatic and rich in flavor ones, invest in proper cherry tomatoes), radish… The salad mix can contain carrot or beetroot julliennes, which also add some goodness to our tortured bodies lacking the nutrients.

The options are endless. The point is that it is made quickly, it is fresh and it will not make you want to sleep afterwards, as fried and other heavy and processed meals often do.



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