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May 23rd, 2014
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I have decided to write this article because I have realized that NUTRITION is a topic which is wider than one might think. Nutrition is not only about carbohydrates, fats or proteins, which are called macronutrients because we have to consume them in relatively large quantities (measured in grams) to sustain our life and health. Nutrition is also about vitamins and minerals, which are consumed in much smaller amounts (miligrams or even micrograms), hence micronutrients. One macronutrient is being forgotten though – it is WATER. The most important macronutrient we need and which enables us to absorb and utilize the remaining nutrients. Consuming enough water, and more importantly – CLEAN water, is crucial for optimal health as is the clean air we (should) breathe.

This article is about water. Clean water. Affordable water. Sustainable water.

I feel lucky that I live in the city where there is still enough drinking water running from the tap. However, I dislike the taste of this water and I have been filtering it for years now. Nonetheless, even the most up to date filter was not able to purify the water from added fluoride. Yet it managed to remove most of the particles, making the water soft and very tasty. I no more buy water in the bottles unless in emergency or when I run out of the one I carried from home. The packed water not only costs more, you also never can be sure what is in it. If I ever buy a drink like this, I re-use the bottle plenty of times by carrying the home filtered tap water with me everywhere. Despite that I am lucky as I said, there have been shortages of water in London over the years, limiting people in watering their gardens, having showers, filling the small pools for children during hot summer, etc. The time is coming my friends. The lack of water will affect every single one of us, regardless of the country, origin, economic situation… OK, there will be few that will manage to have plenty of pure water for themselves, but the most of the global population will notice the change and suffer.

Corruption and slavery

During the past several months I have watched several videos about water and the business and politics involved with the water issue in the modern world. I was horrified when I have learned what was going on and how corporations have been taking over peoples lives and the governments. I have no illusions about the democracy anymore, not even in the United States, once the capital of democracy in the world.  The corporations took over and dictate their rules, created quietly behind the closed door, to EVERYBODY. The corporations do not want to pay for the water they suck for free around the world, they do not want to pay for recycling the plastic bottles they sell the stolen water in. They only want to sell the convenient product and keep the profit. People, who once had a free access to the water in their wells or tap water obtained from the nearby lakes, are now left with either dry wells or ugly or no water from the tap. These people are forced to expensively buy the water they once used to have for the fraction of the price they pay now.

Bottled water is not as regulated as the tap water

That is the fact. You never know what you buy in the plastic bottle, but you can check the profile of the tap water any time on the website of the particular company that is supplying it to you. Please watch the videos I have provided below and stop buying bottled water if you can. Protect yourself, your family and your environment. Buy a simple filtering device and use the tap water while it runs and while it is safe to drink. Supporting this bottled crime and water robbery will only speed up the doom that is awaiting us. The population is already being affected by the poisonous compounds found not only in the bottled water but also the plastics in general. The hormonal disturbances, mental impairment, various forms of cancer and other diseases have been linked with the chemicals that are released into the water from the plastic and to the environment. You never know where the bottle has been held and how long the sun has been shining on it on its way from the factory to your hand. And you cannot be sure about the purity of the water in the bottle as it is not as closely monitored as the tap water.  We all need pure water, enough of it, for our health. It is our most important nutrient. If the clean water will become a luxury, it will be the end of humanity.

Environmental impact

The whole environment is already burdened with the lack of water resources where these corporations suck the water, burn fuel to transport it, process it, they poison environment by producing PET bottles and burn more fuel to deliver it to you. And YOU pay for all this. You pay with your money and your health. You also pay with the future of your children. Something that people used to have almost for free is now being sold to them and there is a plan that this will be the only drinking water available later on. They will steal your free water, poison the rest, sell you the drinking water and this will be the only choice you will have. In my eyes this is a crime against humanity, completely in contrast with the Millennium Goals which stated that water is a human right. No, the CEO of Nestle said the water SHOULD NOT BE a human right. The corporations see it as a commodity, which should have a market price. But they do not want to pay the market price to get it in the first place. They just steal it and sell it with a profit.

What the plastic is doing to the nature, where our negligence is reaching, including the plastic tops of the bottlesis heart breaking. Would you stuff the plastics to your pet stomach? I bet not. Would you stuff it to the stomach of the fish or any animal you eat? I guess not but they DO have this rubbish in their guts and they try digesting it and their meat contains toxins. The plastic has spread through the oceans and floats at the surface, fills the beaches and suffocates the wild animals. The recycling is not enough as the damage has already been done even before the bottled water has left the factory, as you can see in the video ‘Tapped’. And only a fraction of that rubbish is recycled anyway. Most of it ends up in our environment, poisoning it slowly and poisoning us within. Even the recycling is not the final solution. The plastic will be just converted into some other plastic, which will inevitably end somewhere… maybe burned in special burning plants – releasing the toxins to the environment after all. I understand we cannot stop using plastics completely, it would be not possible to return to the 18th century. But we can do a lot to reduce the impact we are having on the environment now, because at the moment we are killing the generations that are yet to come.

Watch the videos and start doing the right thing

What you will see in the videos is the greed and filth of the corporations, their lies, the struggle of ordinary people in areas where this water is freely obtained by these corporations, how politicians and FDA are either corrupted or helpless in this matter and what awaits us if we do not stop this nonsense now. Many people are already affected by having no access to drinking water other than from the bottles or other artificial resources, many do not even have that and die. You or your children do not want to be the next, do you?

These videos are just an overview of the problems associated with the drinking water. There are more of similar videos available. But even these few contain an overwhelming amount of information and cover the scope of the problem. Something MUST be done to stop this crime on innocent people and wildlife.

Firstly, the Nestle CEO and his pitiful speech about the corporate interests against human rights.

Secondly the presentation of Dr Bergman about water, which led me to watching the following video TAPPED.

And another two if you have not had enough: A world without water and Blue gold: world water wars.

What you can do to stop this

I wrote this article to make people aware of the risks we are facing regarding the water supply in the near future. The years 2030 or even 2050 are not that far. What is more, we are already being poisoned. I also want to highlight what this huge human failure is already doing to us and the nature. If not you, then your children will have to deal with this and I bet that no parent wants their children suffering. So please: stop buying packed water if you can, or at least reduce its consumption to the minimum. While there is the demand, the corporations will do everything to satisfy it and fill their pocket with your money. They even manage to create the demand and that is what they are going to do: they not only have made the bottled water more attractive, they intend to make it a necessity. Watch the videos and you will see what their intentions are and what is likely to happen unless we stop them. WE ALL have to contribute to this ‘blue gold’ war by fighting these greedy corporations. The governments will do little to stop this. Our lack of interest in the product will make the change. That is how it works in the capitalism.

Here, as anywhere else, applies: use it or lose it. Use the water you have running in your kitchen for a fraction of the price of bought water and do not buy the bottled one. By doing the opposite you will only encourage the corporations to continue with their practice and once it will be your tap that will provide a filthy fluid unsuitable to even wash your hair with, not even thinking about making a cup of tea. The convenience outside of home is not worth it even if you can afford it. Filtering the tap water and carrying it around is easy once it becomes your habit. If millions of people have done this, the positive impact on their future and the current environment would be enormous. We are not isolated from the nature. Every mistake we make will hit us back hundred times! We carry the pollutants from the environment in our plastic bags from the shop and feed it to our children and ourselves already. When having no pure water to drink even the best nutrition will be worthless and that was my point. That is why the sustainability and availability of drinking water is so important. Sucking the ground water at a higher rate than it can be naturally replaced is not sustainable, but that is exactly what is happening today all around the world. Please remember it every time when you leave the house for work or a trip without the home-filtered tap water expecting that you will grab a bottle for £1 on the go.

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