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By Dagmar
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Jul 27th, 2014

Previously I said that I rarely have sweet breakfast, unless there is an apple. Well, this is an exemption. I am having this regularly, just those days I did not have it for some time. But I am having it again as I found out that low-fat and high-carb diet is no worse than its opposite – if only it is made of mostly those healthy carbs.

I have been having this breakfast for years now and I do not seem to have enough of it. There are so many options how to make it different every time, even the cereal mix I make myself is not always the same. I used to buy something like Dorset cereals, which was not bad, but I have decided to take control over it and now I make my own. Vegans can use dairy substitutes and it will be as good as with the classic dairy.

Firstly: The cereal mix

I mix plain oats, about a handful of raisins, chopped Brazil nuts (in halves or thirds, depending on the size of the nut), when I am lucky I get nice hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds … well, it looks it is not as low-fat at the end, is it? But these are healthy fats. Not all fats are treated the same way in the body. So, I make this mixture and store it in a dark container. The oats form the majority of the mixture. Do not overdo it with the oily nuts and seeds otherwise it will become too fatty and too expensive for you as well.

Main ingredients:

– A handful of fruit. This time I used blueberries, but I also often use strawberries, washed and quartered, yellow mango, ripened pear with the peel on… Some of these require more work, the blueberries are the most convenient.

– Cereal mix

– Yogurt. I used the one on the picture, but I often have soya based yogurts, such as Alpro in those small containers. So this is a guide of how much yogurt to use. The big pot should last 4 servings.

– Milk. Any you prefer, but I would go for low-fat to balance the content of oils in the nuts and seeds. Or you can leave the milk out if you like to chew your breakfast endlessly. Vegans can use milk substitutes.

Here is a collage of photos I made as I have been adding the main ingredients. It may not look as great on the first sight, but I guarantee you, the taste is unbeatable. The only added sugar was in the yogurt.

Healthy breakfast

That’s it. It is a good big portion, not for someone who is used to grab a toast and finish it while walking outside the house on the way to work. This breakfast requires some level of dedication and a good will to do something good for yourself. It will also help to re-establish a personal relationship with your food, what many people have sacrificed for the sake of convenience and a quick lifestyle. I prefer making my own food and I know there are many people who feel the same. Even in a busy schedule there always can be found those 5-10 minutes to make the mixture and then just toss these ingredients together like I did, especially at the weekends. And everyone should aim to sit down and eat their meal in peace. It helps the digestion and the mind as well. It is now called a mindful eating. Enjoy!

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