Feb 22nd, 2014


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippokrates (c. 460 – 370 BC)


Dear cooks and meal inspiration seekers. I welcome you on this Food page dedicated to the tasty, healthy and nutritious meals of all kinds: vegetarian or meaty, cold or hot, indulgent or for a slimming program. If you think that indulgent cannot be healthy, let me remind you that there is no good or bad food, there is only a good or bad diet. Hence, an occasional treat is not something we should feel guilty about. By healthy I mean the meals created from proper ingredients, such as butter instead of margarine. Home made cake does not last for months, in contrast to those bought in the supermarket which are full of additives and various chemicals that should not be in our food. When creating a meal at home you know what your ingredients were and the content of the nasties from the food industry have been substantially reduced. You can control for the amount of salt, sugar and other ingredients, too. As I have realized some time ago: Rather spending minutes with preparation of food from the scratch than spending  years scratching the body suffering with maladies.

chicken soup2

I have always felt the connection between a good health and the kind of food we eat. Since my early age my mother encouraged me to eat this or that because it had either vitamins, minerals or proteins in it. Her nutrition knowledge was only basic but she apparently did a good job with that. I remember us sharing a bitter grapefruit, peeled to the flesh and sprinkled with a little sugar when watching the TV. We always had a fruit bowl full of choices where apples were the staple. When the apples aged and their peel wrinkled, we had a home-made apple cake on Saturday or Sunday. Baking a leavened cake meant that I always got offered to finish the remains of the dough in the bowl where it rose, hearing my mother saying that B-vitamins were in it. And I loved the dough. I still do. Cooking a Sunday chicken soup (similar to the one above) meant that there were bits of fresh vegetables, which were used for the stock (carrots, kohlrabi), left aside for me. We had a small allotment behind the block of flats where we grew our vegetables. I was not interested in gardening that time, but now I am and I also grow my own veggies and berries. This all and more had set the base of who I am today. I still love raw vegetables and I have to have a couple of portions of fresh fruit or veg each day, otherwise I feel like missing something.

Therefore, I would like to use this web space to promote the proper food choices and cooking practices, the choice of proper ingredients, in contrast to the always expanding market with highly processed food products, depleted of nutrients and enriched with chemicals of various kind. People are getting sick from adulterated and rubbish food they buy cheaply and which appeals to their confused taste buds because they forgot how the real food should taste. Let’s reverse this unhappy trend by creating and sharing better food ideas.

 Happy cooking and  bon appétit!




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