Feb 22nd, 2014

Hello and thank you for coming here.dagmar

My name is Dagmar Slamenik BSc (Hons) ANutr. I graduated from London Metropolitan university, where I gained a First Class degree in Human Nutrition. The ANutr part means that I am also registered in the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) governed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and therefore I am now an associate nutritionist.

During my university studies a whole new world of understanding and knowledge about the nutrition and human metabolism opened to me. It took three years of intensive study regime, attending the lectures, tutorials, reading, working on the projects and preparing for the exams. Along learning the principles of metabolism and nutrition I have discovered how many bogus claims about the nutrition appear in all sorts of media. I have learned that there are many “nutritionists”, nutrition advisers, health coaches and other individuals who know little about the subject which they want to make a career in. Some have completed a few days of  basic nutrition course, or not even that. Because the nutritionist term is not protected as the dietitian is, these individuals blend with the qualified nutritionists on the market, posing a risk to the public by giving wrong dietary advice. These people do not understand the nutrition as a complex scientific discipline. What is more, even scientists and other medical professionals can get things confused, especially when they focus on one aspect of the diet, ignoring the other aspects. The result is that there is a lot of biased information presented by MDs or researchers, sometimes arguing against each other. Their views are influenced by their own beliefs and interests and they support their thesis by selectively presented scientific evidence. I have found this very disturbing and I desire to contradict such one-sided claims by providing information about the evidence from the opposite stream or by drawing a more complex picture, based on my information and knowledge at that time.

By creating this website, I want to provide a factual, unbiased and comprehensive material to the general public, enhanced with the explanation of unclear terms on demand. However, I do not usurp the absolute right about what I present here. Nobody knows everything and the scientific knowledge is constantly evolving. I encourage others to challenge the factual content of the articles on this website, regardless of the author, by presenting their views and their knowledge in order to fulfill the ethos of this project. I welcome others to contribute to the Blog with their own articles and I am providing a Forum for initiating a discussion on the topic of your interest. Please refer to the Rules for more information about how to register and contribute to the content of this website. There is also a page dedicated to the recipes (Food) which I have tried myself and liked. Feel free to add your own after approved registration on this website. Finally, there is a section with Products. I carefully select the products I promote because I want my name to be associated with those that stand out in their category and can demonstrate the evidence of the scientifically proven effectiveness.

Thank you again for coming here and I hope you will enjoy your stay. Please share and forward this site to your family, friends, colleagues, anyone, so that we can create a vibrant and exciting community and help others to understand more about nutrition. 


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