White mushrooms with Nando’s peri-peri sauce

By Dagmar
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Jan 20th, 2016

January 2016 is here and so are the resolutions of some of us to eat better, get healthier, shed those festive pounds and so on. I did not make any resolutions but I am aware that if I am not careful my weight will creep up (and it did, indeed!). So I pay a closer attention to what I am putting into my mouth now. Today it was white mushrooms with the Nando’s sauce.

Nando mushrooms

What brought me to this combination?

Well, some best ideas come just by chance. I have had a pack of almost forgotten mushrooms in the fridge and I was thinking about what I should do with them. I hate wasting food. I firstly planned to cook them quickly, with some curry sauce and eat them with leftover potatoes, when this fantastic idea came to my mind.

The mushrooms are rich in potassium, copper and selenium, valuable minerals, often lacking in the modern processed diet. Some online sources also list a variable levels of vitamin D, but unless I knew the mushrooms were exposed to the sunlight or other UV source for a few hours, I would not bet on that. High content of folate (vitamin B9) can also be questionable as it is easily lost with prolonged storage.

These mushrooms can be eaten raw and there was a mere tablespoon of the sauce left it in the bottle. So I finished both. The sauce added a great spiciness and flavor. In fact, these two ingredients went together too well to be ignored. The snack was ready in about a minute with rinsing and drying the mushrooms with a paper towel, halving and drizzling them with the remaining sauce. The snack was succulent and it completely satisfied my urge to munch on something strongly flavored.

About 200g of these fungi have less than 50 kcal and the sauce did not kill it either. Forget the fattening chips, crisps, crackers and other processed snacks! Eating the mushrooms raw means they keep the volume (hence making the stomach think you ate a meal) and they do not absorb all the fat on the pan you usually use to cook them. Just a perfect quick low-calorie snack for demanding palates. I highly recommend it!

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