NewGen Superfoods Plus

Jul 28th, 2014

I have decided to share this product idea because I have experienced its synergistic effect of various components.

My testimonials:

  1. Within a week of using it I have noticed that I shed less hair when washing them and afterwards. I remember having hair everywhere: on the carpet, floor, hair brush or the drain hole of the bath tub. I have tested this effect several times by taking the product and then not taking it for a couple of weeks. It worked! Despite being a nutritionist and thinking how great nutrition I have had, this experience proved to me that there is always something to improve.
  2. Since the summer 2014 when I ‘discovered’ this fantastic product I have caught ONE COLD, despite I used to catch at least two each year. It is July 2017 now. After starting to take this product, the viruses all around me still tried to get me. There were minor tinglings in my nose, very weak, nothing to be bothered about, and that was all. No cough, no sore throat, no endless sneezing and therefore no misery. My immune system seems to be more resistant to the viruses of cold now. I am not talking about the flu as I seem to never get any (there is other science about it).
  3. I said it is July 2017. I am still taking the product! They have swapped from sachets to poach where you can use the amount you like in one setting, but it is the same goodness I remember when I started with it.

Now look at what they say about the product:

NewGen Superfoods Plus is in a league of its own. This revolutionary 100% natural proprietary formula provides 34 raw wholefood fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, fibre & protein, combined with over 70 plant derived trace minerals, high ORAC & Total ORAC super antioxidant blend, digestive enzymes and more than 5 billion probiotics per serving.

Going into more detail, the contents of the product include:

  1. Rich in antioxidants: The product has a robust laboratory testing behind it in terms of purity (lacking contaminants) and antioxidant activity expressed by those ORAC and total ORAC you have seen above. Especially people living in cities filled with the traffic fumes, also smokers, and those suffering various forms of stress (mental and physical) will benefit from the mixture of these naturally formed antioxidants.
  2. Digestive enzymes: You can try the digestive enzymes present in the product on a bowl of porridge – it will become watery after a little while, unlike a control sample, which will become sticky and bulky when mixed only with water. This will be the evidence of the enzymes activity, naturally present in many fruits and vegetables and so lacking when the food is cooked.
  3. Probiotics are helping to maintain a healthy gut microbiota, which is often disturbed after the use of antibiotics, diet based on processed foods and stress in our modern hectic life.
  4. Vitamins: In contrast to the synthetic alternatives often found in cheap vitamins and multivitamin supplements, having a poor synergistic effect as added in isolation from various sources,  these vitamins were formed naturally by plants as complex, making them superior to most of the High Street products. The cheap products are not whole foods based, in contrast to the NewGen Supefroods Plus.
  5. Ancient minerals of a higher bioavailability: These come from the sediments which were formed in times of dinosaurs. Why is this important? Some precious minerals are gradually washed away from the top soils and, as centuries and millennia pass, they are lacking on the surface. This results in our food crops containing less and less of these valuable elements, especially when intensively farmed as is the most of the fresh produce today. Artificial fertilizers are not able to cover the whole spectrum of these minerals and the natural manuring only can offer what has already been available on the surface recently. This unique product contains these ancient minerals, previously incorporated into the plant tissues, increasing their bio-availability in contrast to the inorganic mineral matter obtained from the rocks and enhancing the synergistic effect of the other product components on your body.

Additional benefits:

  • As you have probably realized, the product is 100% plant based, hence no animal cruelty, no suffer, suitable for vegans and those alike, including halal. No dairy, soya, GMO, additives or similar substances.
  • Even the probiotics were cultivated on vegetable and not on animal material. That is the reason why you do not find Bifidobacterium strains here, because these are more of an animal origin today and nobody can guarantee the purity and plant origin of Bifidobacterium content. The company has decided not to include these strains to make sure the customers get what the product says: plant based.
  • It contains 91.83% certified ORGANIC ingredients. I mean – truly organic from the first step to the last one and tested for contaminants to prove it. The remaining percentage refers to ingredients that are not allowed to be labelled organic according to the current regulations, despite they would pass the tests as does rest of the product. This applies to the ancient minerals and the antioxidant extracts from the plant resources.
  • This product will not ring the anti-doping tests bell, unlike many other supplements claiming to be for athletes and then you read in media that this or that made them tested positive for forbidden substances.
  • The ingredients (raw fruits, vegetables, etc) were freeze-dried, which helps to preserve more nutrients than the traditional drum-dried process performed at a high temperature and with additional additives as is typical for the majority of other products on the market. These additives, such as maltodextrin, can form majority of the content of the product, making it much cheaper, but less potent – unlike this genuine product.
  • And what is great: one portion has a calorie content lower than you can find in one apple! More precisely: about 43 kcal and only naturally occurring sugars.
  • People who have tried it were very positive about its impact on their appearance and well-being.

You will see how others are discovering a great potential of this product and they are benefiting from it. All in one, tasty, delicious and ethical at once! No swallowing of the pills. This is a FOOD which is packed with nutrients but contains only 43 kcal per serving which is less than one apple. How fantastic, isn’t it?

NewGen Superfoods Plus box with drink

If you wish to learn more, please check the product original website.

On 5th August 2014 Express magazine published an article about sleeping problems (insomnia) of Yennis Cheung. Here is an extract:

Yennis felt she had done all she could until earlier this year a friend told her about NewGen Superfoods Plus, a chemical-free powdered food supplement made from fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. She gave it a try, mixing the powder with soya milk for breakfast and sprinkling it on her meals. On the third day of taking the supplement she noticed that her sleeping patterns were starting to improve.

“I was so amazed I even rang the company and asked them which of the ingredients was helping me,” laughs Yennis, who still practises martial arts as well as doing two yoga sessions a week. “Now I sleep up to 10 hours a night but best of all I’ve lost the anxiety I used to suffer before I went to bed. If I forget to take my sachets when I go away the insomnia comes back. That’s enough proof for me.”

“I feel so much better now that I’ve conquered my sleep demons,” adds Yennis. “If you don’t sleep, nothing works.”

More promotion in media:

Beauty & The Dirt: Five favourite superfood blends.

Female First: Why we need supplements for better health.

There will be more and more in time. Is it not worth to try?

A final word, if you have checked the product and thought it is expensive – as I have thought initially too:

One sachet like this will cost you aroud £2.50 per day if taken every day, or half of it if taken every other day. Some people prefer taking it every other day as it is quite potent. Even so, if this sounded too much to you, remember what everything you will get in one portion. How much would it cost if you were to get it in separate supplements bought independently from each other? What their quality, purity and bioavailability would be? Individual supplements of the highest quality and purity are pretty expensive on their own.

Or, take it this way: how much do you pay for your Costa coffee each morning when you go to work? A little shift in your priorities and you may discover you do not need your morning caffeine kick anymore because the content and the quality of nutrients in this product are very likely to boost your stamina in a more natural way than stressing your adrenal glands and other organs of your body with the caffeine. All the first-class farming and manufacturing process steps ensure the highest quality of this product, which translates into the price. By paying for this product you can be confident that you are getting the best you can find on the market today. Think about it.

If you wish to purchase the product, please do so on the original website via a secured online systemThe product is delivered worldwide and the price and postage will depend on the individual country and the tax system.

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