Dairy and auto-immune diseases

May 18th, 2014

I have been found to be  HLA-B27 positive. This scary statement means that my immune system produces antibodies against my own tissues, which is mostly the iris in my case. Iris is the part of your eye, which determines what colour your eyes appear. Mine are blue. I have noticed that when my immune system gets a hard time, such as getting cold or extreme exhaustion, I get the eye, or both, painfully inflamed. Not always but there was some pattern. There are various forms of auto-immune eye inflammations, which are grouped under an umbrella term UVEITIS. There are other places in the body where the inflammation can occur, such as lower back, which I also used to suffer the pain in. I will not bother you with the details, I just wanted to make sure that you understand what I am talking about and that even if I am trying to eat and live healthily, I cannot win against this disease as it is in my genes. Or… can I? Win? At least a little?

As the title of this page suggests, I have spotted another possible cause of the recurrent uveitis attacks, which hit at least twice a year in my case. DAIRY. I love dairy products, especially the fermented ones such as plain yoghurts, kefir, cottage cheese… I also like milk. I have switched to organic cows milk and I used to drink the goats milk, too. Now most of my milk intake is a wholebeen unsweetened soya stuff (not really a milk, you know).

My last visit at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, obviously due to another uveitis attack which happened just two months after I was discharged clear after the previous episeode, made me to try finding other people with this problem and ask them whether they have observed their chronic recurrence of uveitis or any autoimmune disorders after consumption of dairy products. As some already might know, I have managed to shed few more pounds recently and the low-fat or medium-fat dairy had helped me a lot with this. It means that I have been consuming more fermented dairy than a normal person does when having one yogurt a day. I might have had two to three portions of dairy per day.

I have asked the doctors in Moorfields during my last two “visits” in this institution about this link. They both confirmed that there might be a link but the evidence is weak. Therefore, I would like to kindly ask you, who have had this sort of health problems, whether you also have observed this connection of your health problems with the consumption of dairy, or, if you could start observing whether this might be your case from now on.

This is a non-profit initiative and I would like to very much thank you for your time and effort to share your experience. I have created a Facebook page for this purpose.

Please share this page with your friends, family, anyone who might be interested.


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