Terms of use

Feb 22nd, 2014


  1. To post or publish any content on this website you have to be a registered user. For now I have also enabled the comments via Facebook and we’ll see how it will go.
  2. From four main options for avatars: Gravatar, mystery man, blank or randomly generated graphic pattern, I have chosen the Gravatar option. If you would like to have your Gravatar displayed here, you have to use the same e-mail address for the account on wordpress.com (Gravatar) and for your account on this website.
  3.  NO SPAM, trolling, offensive or insensitive content, please! 
  4. The website has a certain data limit. For that reason the users are kindly asked to upload media sparingly, otherwise this website will not serve its purpose well. Please also reduce the media in size when possible (photos). Might the website become very popular, the purchase of more data allowance will be considered.
  5. Below are two additional sets of rules: Forum rules and Blog rules. These are similar, but:
    a)      Blogs are rather lengthy and comprehensive articles of people that are advanced in the topic of nutrition and these will be approved prior publishing. You are free to discuss their content and ask additional questions below them.
    b)       Forum is for everyone who would like to ask or discuss something that has not yet been covered in blogs and the posts do not need approval.
  6. Only posts in English are allowed throughout the whole website.


Forum rules:

  1. Due to recurrent spamming activity, the Forum registration is now via admin ONLY, so the new registrants will have to wait until the admin will approve their registration, which may take a couple of hours  or days, depending on the circumstances. Genuine users are assured that their account will be approved. The delay might be caused by admin not being available, but nobody will be forgotten.
  2. The username cannot be changed so please choose your nickname carefully.
  3. For the users’ account safety, there is a limit of 5 attempts for the login and as an anti-spambot protection, 7 attempts for the code input at the registration step. In case of the registeration or login failure, please fill the contact form and wait for the response.
  4. When registering, the new user’s IP address is set to be checked against the DNS Blackhole list, which may slow down the registration process. Please be patient, this is for the benefit of all users to reduce the spam and other attacks on the forum. Again, when experiencing a persistent problem with the registration, please use the contact form.
  5. After the registration you will have to confirm your new account via the link sent to your e-mail which you have used for the registration. Then you are free to contribute to the forum with your posts.
  6. When creating a topic, please make sure that the same topic has not been already covered otherwise the duplicate might be removed.
  7. Be specific in naming the topics and relate the title to the content of the topic. Please avoid emotional or other non-descriptive titles (such as Hello! or HELP!) as these will be changed or the topic removed completely.
  8. A 60 seconds interval limit has been set for posting two separate posts, so please do not get frustrated when it ‘does not work’. It will.
  9. A limit has been set for the maximum volume of total attachments. The limit is relatively generous if the uploading is not misused.
  10. After filling the quota of private messages in the private inbox, the new ones will be held back until you delete some old messages to make the space for the new ones. Uploading the content in the private messages has been disabled to prevent undetected excessive data use.
  11. BBCode has been enabled for the posts/comments. For example, if you wish to create a clickable hyperlink,   use [url]http://www.website.com/[/url]. Maximum of three links per post is allowed.
  12. Typing in CAPITALS on the web means shouting and is difficult to read so please avoid such practice.
  13. In case of the rules violation the user will receive only 2 warnings. A third incident will lead to a temporary suspension of the account. Any repeated misconduct will result in the permanent blocking or deletion of the user’s account. The users can report to admin anything they have found inappropriate, but only admin will decide on the action. Admin is open to the discussion about the issue.
  14. If you have any more questions or not sure what some forum feature mean, you can visit the Forum FAQ.


Blog rules:

  1. The Blog is split into several categories, depending on the content. Please make sure that you place your article into the relevant category, or use the “Uncategorized” section if the one relevant to your article is not available.
  2. You can assign a particular article to more than one categories if appropriate. In case of the demand for more categories, these will be considered.
  3. For contributing to the Blog, the users will have to contact the site owner (Dagmar) so that the status of a Contributor can be awarded to them. When requesting the status upgrade, the future bloggers are expected to provide a brief account about themselves, which may include information about why they have decided to contribute to this website, their interests, level of knowledge and expertise, experience in the area, etc. This can be done in private or when you create an account.
  4. When thinking of writing an article/blog on this website, please make sure that the presented information is based on evidence and/or the content is referenced when possible. Referencing means acknowledging the source and confirming that the information was not made up by the blogger. It also enables the readers to check the authenticity of the information and to get a better insight about the matter when visiting the original source. For that reason the reference should contain all relevant information for the readers to find the specific source themselves (media, title, author, date, etc.), or providing functional links. Academics should already be familiar with the Harvard, Vancouver or similar referencing formats.
  5. When inserting the hyperlinks, I have to ask the article writers to use the feature for creating hyperlinks above the text (by highlighting the word/group of words you want to use as a hyperlink and this feature will become available instantly) and to tick the option rel="nofollow" to link. This is needed to reduce the risk of spamming on the web, among other effects. Alternatively, please avoid using numerous active links in the text which are leading to other websites. Instead, name the source or the reference, you can use bold font and different colour to make it stand out, and use proper academic referencing under the article.
  6. Researchers and writers are aware that many information sources can be one-sided, having a hidden interest, etc. When writing an article on the Blog, this factor should be taken into account and the bias eliminated or discussed by providing a more complex view of the presented matter, otherwise the content might be annotated or removed if severe bias was encountered.
  7. For those wishing to present novel approaches, these are allowed when discussed as such and supported by a relevant evidence.
  8. Although the site owner will do her best to make sure that only factual information was published on the Blog, this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the original author is responsible for the actual content. This includes referencing the information and complying with the copyright laws.
  9. There is a featured image option in the bottom right corner of the post creator. This one needs to contain some image to look presentable on the Blog page before a visitor will click on the content. Please do not leave it empty. The featured image should have something in common with the specific article, or it can be a face photo of the author serving a purpose of avatar.


Food page:

  1. This page is set up as another form of blog for those who would like to share their recipes and discuss them.
  2. As per a blog template, at least a featured image is required and additional clear photo of the meal/drink (not blurred and poorly lighted) will be appreciated, preferably the original ones taken by the contributor, not just downloaded from the internet (copyrights may apply to these).
  3. If the images are not available, please, share your ideas and content on the Forum instead.
  4. The recipes, which were made and tried by the contributor and not just copied from other media sources are preferred but when you got inspired and tried the original recipe of somebody else, you are welcome to share it.
  5. Contributors are welcomed to write a short story about why they have decided to share that particular recipe and how the meal was accepted by them, their family or anyone.
  6. A little information about the cultural background of that particular meal is also welcomed.



These will be reviewed prior publishing.


 I wish you have a great experience with this website. 

For any comments or suggestions, please leave a message.


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