Jul 23rd, 2014

Hello and welcome to my Services page. My name is Dagmar Slamenik. I am a qualified nutritionist, graduated with the First Class Degree in BSc Human Nutrition. I am an Associate Nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition, a member of The Nutrition Society and most recently also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office because I will handle your personal data in compliance with the legal requirements.

My services include:

Analysis of your diet

I will analyse your diet for the intake of nutrients or to to give you a brief feedback about how good or bad your diet is and whether you are at a risk of deficiency or ill health in the future if following your current dietary regime. As a qualified nutritionist I have the skills and knowledge to assess the nutritional profile of your diet and to interpret the findings to you.

Personalized diet plan

The personalized diet plan is based on the information you have provided in the Personal Details FormI will tailor a dietary program specifically for you to ensure that your diet provides all the nutrients needed for a good health, based on the current evidence. You can decide whether you want a detailed and prescriptive plan for a day or more, or whether you require only a general advice on how to change your diet for the future. If you wish to loose or gain weight, I can implement this into your diet plan as well.

I provide my services in two main forms:

  1. ONLINE – this is the more convenient and cheaper option, which also comes with more independence and comfort. Please refer to more description here.
  2. IN PERSON – this is the more expensive form, but it includes some practical activities such as taking the body measurements in order to assess your body size and the body composition. Please refer to more description here.

There is an option to combine these two services, such as purchasing the initial consultancy session in person with having the body measurements done by me and then do the remaining steps as per online schedule. I have listed the prices for each kind and form of the service separately, instead of one complex program as offered by other professionals. This will give you a freedom in creating  your own combination of services according to your interest and preferences.

A bonus: the first 10 minutes of the contact is FREE! This is the opportunity to clarify why you have decided to use my services, what kind of service you would like to purchase and in what form.  I believe it will be sufficient to do this step by the phone or online. Alternatively, if you would like to extend your paid session by these free 10 minutes, feeling confident about your choice, that is also possible.

What do you need to do?

Before purchasing any service, it is advised to become familiar with the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

I expect that you will want to know what each kind and form of service includes. If you are interested in having your diet analyzed, below are two documents to guide you in creating the Food Diary records. They will give you a taste of what each method involves and provide you with the guidance so that you know what to do and what mistakes to avoid for getting the best service possible.

Brief Food Diary record guide  Weighed Food Diary record guide

Then, the best way to continue is to download the Personal Details form and fill all fields with the relevant information, where you will also be offered to create your own service plan. E-mail the filled form to me, with the photos (as per online service schedule, if you wish me to see your body shape). All your details will remain private and confidential.

After that, I will create an invoice and send it to you, so that you can check whether you are happy with the content and the pricing, or whether you have changed your mind and would like to make some alterations.

You can use your free 10 minutes of initial consultation at any stage of this process.

Below are the templates for creating the Food Diary records. I have created the templates in two versions for each method:

  • Fixed for print (pdf) version consist of only one page, so that you save your paper and ink, or money if you have it printed in a shop. You cannot type into this version. It was designed to be printed out and carried with you wherever you go so that you can record the items you have been consuming during that particular day in a real time. You can write some notes on the other side of the sheet if needed.

Brief Food Diary template – pdf  Weighed Food Diary template – pdf

  • Amendable open document (odt) version allows you to type into the form and also into the text box on the second page, if you wish to provide some extra notes.  I prefer receiving this typed version, but if your hand-writing is easy to read,  I am OK with that, too. You will have to download this version for typing into it and there is no need to print it. Please note, that Microsoft Office Word might show some warning messages about the security. You do not need to worry about it, the documents are safe, they only were created by the OpenOffice software, which is slightly different from MS Word. Allow editing of the document and finally you will be able to type into it. 

Brief Food Diary template – odt  Weighed Food Diary template – odt

I understand that there is a lot to read from all those documents, but this is inevitable in order to provide a lawful and safe service to you. I hope you will find the information helpful.

Before you make your choice in the number of days purchased, let me advise you: In order to to assess your diet for a habitual food/nutrients intake it is unlikely that one-day Food Diary will be sufficient. At least three days are recommended, of which one should be of weekend. In general: the more days are analyzed, the more accurate the overview of the dietary patterns is, because people tend to consume different foods in different quantities each day, and their energy intake can vary by as much as several hundred kcal between two consecutive days, which is also true for the nutrients.

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