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Jul 23rd, 2014


The online service means that I communicate and deliver the service to the clients over the phone or internet, whether by the e-mail or a Facebook messenger. You can attempt contacting me at any time. After you have purchased a consultation session and the payment has been cleared, depending on my availability, the session can continue immediately, without booking and attending an appointment. This gives us more flexibility and opportunity to cut down your waiting time for the services, in contrast to the physical appointment system.

Because there is no contact in person, you will have to do some practical tasks on your own when filling the Personal Details form, on which I will base my service for you. These include finding out your body measurements:

  • The body weight is usually measured with the bathroom scales and the
  • body height against a wall with a properly fixed measuring tape from the very bottom of the wall or with some other calibrated device. Alternatively you can be measured by your general practitioner or a nurse. A gym can also provide this kind of service for you.
  • waist and hip circumference are usually measured with a flexible but non-elastic measuring tape around specific body parts, as per illustration photo here.

You will need another person to perform these measurements for you and it would be great if that person already had some experience in this. In addition, you can send me two recent photos of your whole body from the front and from the side, preferably in some stretched clothes. This is just to overcome the fact that I have not met you in person and that I will be able to see your body shape.

Below is the Pricing list on which I will base the invoice for my services prior commencing the service. If you would like to receive some service related to my profession that has not been listed here, please let me know and I will see what I can do for you. I am just starting my business and I will certainly widen the scope of my services later on.

Pricing list – online service


Please note, that the introductory session is FREE and lasts for about 10 minutes. If you have already checked the options I offer, do not hesitate to contact me. Should you have any other questions, please contact me also. I am always happy to help.



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