Vegetarian risotto – without rice

By Dagmar
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Aug 12th, 2014

My kitchen corner is occupied by various glass jars of different sizes and shapes – an addition to my tin-o-philia, I have a jar-o-philia. I simply love collecting glass jars from food or beverages (such as those lovely jars from Douwe Egberts instant coffee) as a future storage option for various ingredients. In one such jar from a sauerkraut there was some remaining coarse bulgur wheat which called for almost immediate use. There were few bits and pieces of this and that in the fridge as well, that needed to be cleared out, but not thrown away as they were still fit for purpose – to be eaten. This coupled with my natural desire for less meat in my diet, I gave a freedom to my creativity and this is what I have cooked: Vegetarian risotto without rice.

Vegetarian risotto - without rice

Ingredients (I leave the amounts on your discretion, this was a free-style cooking session):

– coarse bulgur wheat

– fresh green beans, cut in about 3 parts

– one yellow bell pepper (I had about 3/4 left)

– sun dried tomatoes in oil (got mine from Asda)

– two small (really small, about 13 cm long) courgettes,

– three garlic cloves, chopped

– small amount of tinned brown/green lentils

– oregano (I had dried)

– salt and pepper

– smoked paprika

– grated parmesan

– some oil from the sun dried tomatoes

Great. The ingredients list looks quite long, I have not realized how many things went into it until now. Never mind.


INSTRUCTIONS – easy and quick

Cook the bulgur wheat according to the instructions. While doing that, pour some of the oil from the sun dried tomatoes into a pan or wok, add the green beans and let them cook for a couple of minutes. This is the time to chop the pepper and add, then do the same with the courgettes. They are lovely raw as well, but a little heat will do them good too. Add the chopped garlic and oregano and heat for a while. Season. Smoked paprika was just an idea but made it unique. Do not over-do it with the paprika otherwise it will dominate it. Finally, add the sun dried tomatoes, cut in smaller bits. Mix it altogether.

When the bulgur wheat is done, add the lentils. This is a perfect way how to complement the amino acids of these two food groups, because what is lacking in grains, pulses complement and vice versa. Vegetarians know that already.

Mix these two masses together, season to taste, sprinkle the grated Parmesan on top and ENJOY!

For a recipe to be vegan, the Parmesan has to be avoided.

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